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Contemporary Smart Glass

Imagine having a living or workspace that adapts to your needs with a simple touch. That’s life with smart glass, a revolutionary technology that seamlessly combines functionality with style.

At the very forefront of this innovation is Signature Glass Creations. We offer customized fabrication and installation of smart or switchable glass systems for both residential and commercial buildings alike.

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Experience true transformation with the dynamic capabilities of smart glass.

How Does Smart Glass Work?

The beauty of smart glass is in the technology behind it.
Smart glass, also known as electrochromic glass or electric glass, is a marvel of modern engineering. Changing from clear to opaque with a simple flip of a switch, smart privacy glass utilizes a small electrical current. Based on PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) or electrochromic principles, this cutting-edge technology isn’t just visually stunning. PDLC smart glass is incredibly efficient and versatile, able to suit a variety of needs.

Benefits of Smart Glass

There’s no denying it: Smart glass is easy on the eyes. But it’s about more than just aesthetics.
With switchable smart glass from Signature Glass Creations, you get an innovative solution tailor-made for your home, business, or commercial enterprise. Thanks to our many years of creating and installing the highest quality electric frosted glass, there’s finally a product that ensures privacy, energy efficiency, and much more.

Transform Your Space With Smart Glass

Even the most humble room can be revolutionized with smart glass. With the knowledge and expertise of the team here at Signature Glass Creations, you can have an excellent PDLC smart glass solution ready in no time.
Privacy on Demand
Gone are the days of dated traditional blinds and curtains. Electrochromic glass provides instant privacy at your fingertips. With our electric opaque glass, rooms completely transform for a sleek and modern look.
Energy Efficiency
Boasting more than just looks, switchable privacy glass is all about high performance. Thanks to solar heat blocking, opaque smart glass reduces the need for air conditioning, significantly lowering your energy bills.
Glare Reduction
Struggling with harsh sun glares and artificial light is no longer an issue. Our smart electrochromic glass manages light better, giving you a more comfortable environment to relax in.
UV Protection
Interiors can deteriorate over time. Protect your home and yourself from harmful UV rays with our smart glass, offering built-in UV-blocking properties.
Aesthetic Appeal
Smart glass solutions work hard, but they also look good. Add a minimalist, contemporary touch to your architecture with switchable glass that embraces modern technology.
Keep prying eyes at bay with smart glass. In its opaque state, our electrochromic glass privacy solutions provide an added layer of security, no matter where you are.

Smart Glass for Residential Homes and Commercial Buildings

Smart glass from Signature Glass Creations can be used for a wide range of needs and preferences.
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At home, smart glass can be used for windows, skylights, and partitions. Perfect for creating the ideal private retreat, switchable glass will help keep bills down with better efficiency.
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In commercial spaces such as offices and conference centers, our smart electrochromic glass goes a step further. It can enhance privacy, create a modern atmosphere, and reduce energy consumption.
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Hospitality settings can introduce a touch of luxury and privacy in their bathrooms and partitions thanks to our glass that fogs with a switch.
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Shopping centers and stores are always on the lookout for something new. Smart glass can add intriguing, changeable storefronts and display cases.
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Utilizing smart switchable glass in healthcare settings allows for a greater sense of privacy and the ability to control light while maintaining a sterile environment in patient rooms and operating theaters.

Characteristics and Features of Our Smart Glass

At Signature Glass Creations, we offer only the very best in electrochromic glass. These electric glass privacy solutions come with unparalleled characteristics:

Why Order Smart Glass from Signature Glass Creations?

There’s no doubt that our switchable smart glass is a marvel. But why choose to work with the team here at Signature Glass Creations for your electrochromic glass?
Working with us means selecting a partner with real expertise, the ability to customize at every turn, and access to only the highest quality solutions. All from a company whose walls are built from a solid foundation of client-centric values.
We’ll make sure that your wishes come first. With the comprehensive services at Signature Glass Creations, your smart glass installation will be professional, seamless, and tailored perfectly to your needs.

The Cost of Smart Glass and What Does it Depend On?

As the smart glass offerings here at Signature Glass Creations vary depending on your needs, so will the price. Smart glass cost depends on a variety of factors:
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For a detailed quote tailored to your needs for electric glass,

Installation of Smart Glass

The installation of any new feature, at home or at the office, can be time-consuming and headache-inducing. But it doesn’t have to be.

The experienced team here at Signature Glass Creations will ensure that you’re kept in the know every step of the way. From the initial quote and smart glass cost to the design of your electrochromic glass and right through to delivery, your time, space, and wishes will be our number one priority.

For a more in-depth chat about what to expect with smart glass installation or just for information about switchable glass, call our friendly team at (718) 836-2128.

How Are Measurements, Production, and Delivery
of Smart Glass Carried Out?

Every step of the smart glass journey is tailored to your needs.
Our bespoke and comprehensive service ensures precise measurements, careful production, and prompt delivery. At Signature Glass Creations, we understand that each step is just as important as the one before for electric glass. And that’s why our experienced team will handle your smart glass needs with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Our Latest Projects

Not convinced? Explore our portfolio and discover how we’ve transformed spaces with switchable privacy glass. Start dreaming about what switchable glass can do for you, today.

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