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True Reflections: How Mirrors Can Transform Your Home

True Reflections: How Mirrors Can Transform Your Home

We all have mirrors in our homes. We might have even installed custom mirrors to fit our interior design. If you have not tried this, you might want to take a closer look at this seemingly innocent piece of ornament. 

Or perhaps, you are already aware of the importance of mirrors, but you might not know what to do. In this case, you should carefully read this article. It will help you understand what to do with this ornament to make the most out of it.

Rectangular Mirror

This is the most standard type of mirror. But you should not let this fool you. It can still re-create your home. It is just a matter of how to tastefully arrange it.

If you will hang it horizontally, it adds a wonderful linear and angular characteristic to any room. Thus, it will add a modern touch to any space. Most importantly, it also helps light up the room. Besides that, you and the entire household can easily check their hair (and makeup) before heading out.

If you have a large rectangular mirror, it can also transform any classic structure into a bold statement. The room conversion will change your perception that rectangular mirrors are boring.

Circular Mirrors

If you find that rectangles are too angular for your taste, you can opt for circle custom mirrors. This option also comes with style choices. Their angle-less design makes them perfect for any room. Their curves also bring calmness.

One of the most popular designs for circle mirrors is to place different sizes next to each other. Doing this will give a collage-like effect, so it turns this simple ornament into art. Everyone in your household will be delighted at the experience of seeing their reflections in ever-changing sizes.

Arched Mirrors

Custom mirrors, especially arched ones, give a bold look. The combination of lines and curves can style a wall by itself. Considering that you are already bold enough to use this type of mirror, you should place it right above your bed.

Doing this will frame your bed nicely. It comes in different sizes – thick, thin, skinny, and wide. Before you purchase the mirror, you should check if it gives the effect that you want.

LED Mirrors

In recent years, we saw the emergence of LED lights. It gained popularity because of its energy-saving feature. LED custom mirrors have a futuristic effect on any room. Installing one in your bathroom will cast a beautiful glow in the room.

Hollywood Mirrors

We have all seen images of celebrities looking at themselves in glamorous mirrors. This particular ornament can add a touch of glamor to any home. But its effect would depend on how it is installed. You might also be asking how it can fit your house’s overall interior design.

Interior designers recommend setting your hollywood mirror on a desk. It would work well for your vanity table, where you will apply makeup because it gives off enough light to see yourself properly while you prepare.


Now that you know the several design options available for mirrors, you can experiment with its numerous benefits. If you have a problem with small rooms, installing mirrors will remedy such issues without a full-scale renovation.

If you’ve determined what type of mirror to put, then visit Signature Glass Creations. As the premier glass shop in Brooklyn, NY, we can help bring elegance to your home. Call us now for an appointment!

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