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Making Your Antique Mirror Fit Contemporary and Traditional

Mirrors are a very important piece of home decor that helps extend any living space. So many architects and designers have found that its inclusion enlarges an area, making it seem almost bigger than it originally was. Despite it being just an illusion, it’s still very much welcomed by homeowners who may have tighter spaces.

When choosing the type of mirror that you want, something that stands out is antique mirrors. It may be the romanticization of vintage and olden times, but antique mirror pieces always seem to tell a story, making so many people gravitate towards this.

There have been questions regarding an antique mirror’s integration into different interior design styles. Two predominant ones are traditional and contemporary, which are considered polar opposites. If you want to learn how an antique mirror can fit there and more, continue reading.

What Makes up Traditional Style?

Traditional home decor is usually likened to a home in the olden times. Think back to the age of Renaissance and Neoclassical. Wooden furniture, textured rugs, and a homey look help make up traditional style. Antique mirrors can fit right at home here, as it’s already projecting classic decor. 

What Makes up Contemporary Style?

Contemporary can vary from minimalistic, futuristic, and the like. Imagine a modern interior with leather, metal, and the like. While you may start to think that antique mirrors may not have a place in this kind of household, many experts actually recommend that contrast in components to help a room flourish further.

How to Choose Your Antique Mirror?

Although you can refer to every old-looking mirror as ancient, there are actually many different types of antique mirrors. Choosing the right one for your traditional style or contemporary style home will be paramount, whether it’s for the ceiling or as a splashback in one room. You can also just get certain ones as a centerpiece on the second floor or something for your vanity.

Here’s a little bit about these basic terms that can help you choose your antique mirror:

  • Foxed. Foxed is a very popular type of antique mirror that refers to the mirror glass that has multiple brown spots on it. A wall of foxed mirror surface can be quite stylish behind some metal home decor pieces in a contemporary interior.
  • Starburst. If you can recall any old circle mirror where the frame of it had fanned out into different sun rays, that’s what the Starburst mirror is. Its shape makes it quite a classic mirror that resembles the old ones in French homes a few centuries ago.
  • Eglomise. Eglomise may seem like a foreign term, but you may have noticed this in a hotel or gallery at one point. This type of antique mirror is studded with metallic leaves while being able to provide a tasteful reflection, which can be rather modern.
  • Baroque. Baroque mirror is the most distinct kind of antique mirror that there is, standing out with this intricate frame designs, coated with gold or silver. These will seem like they’re straight out of a fairytale, which can fit in traditional homes.


Almost any antique mirror belongs in your home, whether it’s contemporary or traditional. The only thing to keep in mind is the kind of antique mirror that you end up getting and how you will utilize it in the home.

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