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Answering the Most Common Questions about Glass Shower Doors

If we’re going to talk about bathroom trends that are here to stay, the glass shower door needs special focus. It’s an elevated addition that works with different interior styles, and it doesn’t look dated when done correctly. 

Lately, we have seen the next level of this shower installation with frameless glass doors. They are innovative in that they look sleeker and cleaner without sacrificing the structure necessary for any shower door.

That said, there are many variations out there, and there are certain considerations you’ll want to make before making your choice. If you’re thinking of having one installed, the answers to your possible questions are likely found here.

Which Type of Shower Glass Door Is the Best?

There is really no one “best” choice because the right door depends on your bathroom specifications, budget, and what style you’re trying to achieve.

  • Small spaces will most benefit from a fixed shower screen. 
  • Inline swing doors will be great for designated enclosures. 
  • Corner showers will be able to use an enclosure panel to create a distinctive space. 
  • Larger bathrooms will be great for panels and swing doors.
  • A sliding door is a great and minimalistic choice for any bathroom size.

What Kind of Glass Is Used for These Doors?

Make sure you get from a reputable company when picking your glass. Those created for showers should be made from tempered glass to ensure that they are durable and able to withstand some impact. Whether you are using fixed screens, enclosures, swing doors, or a single panel, you should not be provided with simple float glass.

How Thick Should My Shower Glass Door Be?

The exact thickness will really depend on the measurements and designs you choose. However, you generally want to see framed doors with a panel thickness of around three-eighths to half an inch. For frameless glass doors, you shouldn’t be using panels less than half an inch thick.

Is This An Expensive Fixture?

Again, costs will depend on the size and dimensions that you will be getting. Keep in mind that this is, after all, an investment. You can see installations cost anywhere from a hundred to thousands of dollars. 

For instance, a simple fixed shower screen should be around the $100–$300 range. That is considered the cheaper end of the spectrum already. On the other end, bespoke enclosures can cost from around the same to up to $3,000.

Is a Frameless Door More Prone to Leaking?

If properly fitted, frameless glass doors should not be any more prone to leaking than framed ones. In this case, installers would simply have to put in plastic door seals and make sure the measurements are right in order to stop water from going past the designated shower area.

Final Thoughts

If you’re really looking to elevate the look and feel of your bathroom, having some signature glass and mirror fixtures installed can really do the trick. The investment can be well worth the buck because of how functional these installations are and how long they last. 

If you’re planning to DIY the installation, make sure you take care in handling the materials and measuring properly. Even being off in your measurements by an inch can cause leaks, a bad fit, or even increase the risk of your door not being secured properly. It’s best to take ample care in measurements and check more than once, especially because the margin for error is very slim. 

The more reliable choice is to go for professional installation, but either way, a glass shower door can truly be worth pursuing. 

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