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3 Reasons Frameless Shower Doors Are Great Bathroom Upgrades

If there is one thing we all do every day, that is to go to the bathroom. Of course, what we do there is different from one person to the other. However, if there is one thing we can all agree on, we want our bathrooms to be a place of comfort. Having to deal with a claustrophobia-inducing bathroom is nothing anyone wants to experience, and if this is what you’re facing with your home’s bathrooms, it is time for an upgrade.

While there are many upgrades you can make in your bathroom to improve its functionality and look, one of the best and most cost-effective remodels you can make is on the shower. In fact, replacing your shower curtains or framed door with a frameless shower door is one of the best upgrades you can give to your bathroom experience. Here’s why:

1. Easier Cleaning

One of the best things about frameless shower doors is how much easier it is to clean them. Since there are no hard-to-reach corners where dirt, soap scum, blood, etc., can get stuck, cleaning your shower is easier than ever before. Instead of scrubbing at that corner to get it clean, the entire surface is easy to wipe down with a rag or cloth.

2. Less Clutter

Another thing that makes frameless shower doors so great is the fact that there are no unnecessary parts in your shower. With a framed door, you have all kinds of bits and pieces to take care of, but with a frameless shower, everything has been removed to allow for easy cleaning. This also means you get to get rid of all kinds of icky parts, such as screws and anchors, so there is less work and clutter to deal with.

3. Better Lighting

The last reason why you should seriously consider replacing your shower with a frameless model is the excellent lighting you get to make use of. Frameless shower doors are one of the most popular bathroom upgrades because they allow for better lighting to make the experience of showering more pleasurable. With framed doors, you have to deal with dark corners where dirt and germs can hide. With frameless shower doors, you are free to enjoy the bright illumination that will make your showering experience one of the most enjoyable that you can have.

In addition, frameless shower doors allow more light to pass through. This helps in reducing that claustrophobic feel many people dislike in cramped bathrooms. 


If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your bathroom without spending a lot of money, one of the best ways you can go is by replacing your framed shower with a frameless model. This way, you can enjoy better lighting, a more comfortable showering experience, and a bathroom that is easier to take care of. Frameless shower doors are affordable, easy to install and come in a wide range of styles and materials to suit any taste you might have. Just be sure to source your frameless shower doors from reputable manufacturers and have them installed by professionals. This way, you can relax knowing that your frameless doors not only maximize your bathroom’s aesthetics but will also last for many years to come. 

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